Two molds are done and i have made a few casts in resin with black dye. I will cast more when i have made some more molds for more belt boxes.

The grey ones are the "masters" and the black are the casted part in solid resin.

20170804 124718









The masters are 100% solid PLA print, as you can see the resin weighs twice as much.

20170804 12515820170804 125213

Instead of printing the same boxes for the belt I'm making silicone molds so i can cast them in resin instead.

20170802 154228

I have printed one forearm that i have started to assemble. The print didn't come out great so there will be a lot of filling and sanding.

I´m not printing anymore before i get the leveling on the printer bed at a 100%

Here are the printed parts, one part is missing and that is the Front Connector.

I start by gluing down the Connector Ring.

After that i glue one of Side Connectors on Front and Back

After that i glue the Front and Back parts together and using the Side Connectors to line the parts up.

Whats missing is the Front Connector, but i need to use some filler on that one before i glue it down.


9142 Props and Armory have posted a video how they work with PLA printed armor parts.

When i get to the bigger armor parts i will try to coat with fiberglass resin, ill add some high res pictures of how it looks.