Montana GoldFound 2 places in Sweden that sells Montana Gold spray cans, first I placed an order at Skapa Mer but I haven't received the order yet. And later I found that Highlights also sell them. I placed an order and got them delivered in 2 days.


Hand PlatesWhile the last parts of the Mark 2 Helmet is printing IM working on the hand plates. The one in grey have been sanded once then I used filler on it. After that I sanded and used filler again. Today I will sand one more time and prepare for paint.


Ammo PouchOh i forgot that I got this in the mail a few weeks back. I don't believe i will need to do so much weathering.

I bought it from Varusteleka, im not sure yet if im going for a captain build or a squad leader. But the price was so good so i couldent pass on it.

Z-bracesPrinted the Z-braces for the 3D-printer, and I'm hoping it will improve the quality of the prints. Had some trouble printing the right side and left side of the dome.