Been having some back problems so haven't had the time to work on the helmet for a few days.

But markt some spots that needed sanding, and have sanded it aigen. Will use some bondo on a few places and then some more sprayfiller.

I have started to print Sean Fields e22 Blaster, and some parts for the squad leader belt I´ll add some pictures in the next post. Instead of printing multipel of the same parts i will make a siliconmold and cast some parts in resin instead of 8 hour prints.

Mark 2 Helmet


Today the last part of the was finally printed. Here is a picture with the dome and blast shield mounted. Its not glued down yet.

Mark 2 Helmet



Started today with work on the mark 2 helmet. Im using Snabbspackel (bondo) from Mekonomen. After i have sanded I'm using Sprayspackel (spray filler) also from Mekonomen.











20170630 215151 fit 270x202


Blast shield and mountBlast sheild and mount printed, the right side of the dome is printing as i write this. Its an 17hour print so i hope i will wake up happy with an part i can use.