I think it's time to write a little about what's happening, i am 3D printing at full speed but no new parts when it comes to my Shoretrooper build. Sean Fields who created the Shoretrooper files i am using have released 2 new projects through Kickstarter, a Battle Droid and Holo Chess Table from Millenium Falcon. I'm almost done with the printing for the Battle Droid, and after that, I will build on the Shoretrooper again.


There are several sections that need to be updated to follow the CRL.

I have been hesitating to work on my Shoretrooper when Paul Prentice and Stoo Collins are bringing a kit to the public. And with their eye for detail it will be something outstanding. They have not set date for when the files will be released. But make sure you follow his Facebook page. I will see if i can get a short story/interview from Paul and Stoo about the 3D-files they are bringing to the public.

Oh before i forget i also invested in one more printer, so i can print some bigger parts =) (And i'm also planing on getting a resin printer after the summer)



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