Have been doing some work on the forearm i assembled a while back. (Forearm assembly)

I started with some sanding.

20170804 211609










After the sanding and blowing it clean i used Polyester (fiberglass resin).

First time using it on PLA printed parts, and it really added some strength to the parts. I will actually go over the inside as well to strengthen the part. (Since the part didn't come out great from the printer).

20170804 21334520170805 133339


After the Polyester (fiberglass resin) had cured i sanded it down and then used some bondo to fill in the gaps from gluing the parts together. Then i went over the forearm with spray filler, this will repeat until i'm satisfied and can move on to start priming the part.



20170806 17260020170806 17260520170806 17261020170806 17261420170806 1731251502032286119

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