Bought some 5min epoxy for the back parts, had to split a few parts to fit the printer.

20170922 231851



20170922 234241


20170922 233114

20170923 144147

20170923 144408

20170923 144532

20170923 150147

20170923 151007

20170923 151944



Finally the v2 chest is printed, i made the mistake of starting to print the chest when i noticed there is a v2 chest.

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I have printed one forearm that i have started to assemble. The print didn't come out great so there will be a lot of filling and sanding.

I´m not printing anymore before i get the leveling on the printer bed at a 100%

Here are the printed parts, one part is missing and that is the Front Connector.

I start by gluing down the Connector Ring.

After that i glue one of Side Connectors on Front and Back

After that i glue the Front and Back parts together and using the Side Connectors to line the parts up.

Whats missing is the Front Connector, but i need to use some filler on that one before i glue it down.

This is how i prepair my parts before i paint them.

  1. I sand down all the imperfections from the 3D-print, and also going over the whole part so the bond/filler will stick with it.
  2. I'm using my compressor to blow the part clean.
  3. Then im using Silkonborttagare (silicone remover) to clean the part. (its an degreaser)
  4. Then im using Plastprimer (plastic primer), just a thin coat.
  5. After that I'm using Snabbspackel flexibel (Bondo flexible)
  6. I sand down all of the Bondo, and then use the compressor to blow it clean.
  7. Then I use Sprayspackel (filler) to fill in the small scratches. I do several coats with the filler and letting it dry in between.
  8. I sand down all of the filler so its get smooth, and then use the compressor to blow it clean.
  9. What's left is to spray down a coat of Grundfärg (base primer)